Laser Hair Removal
By Le Parlour NYC

Top Quality Laser Technology for All Skin Tones

Le Parlour NYC Laser Spa offers an experience unmatched by other laser hair removal specialists. From the start, we provide a consultation catered to your personal needs in a comfortable, private setting. The Cynosure laser equipment we use is the premier technology in the industry and our technician has over 18 years of experience using laser hair removal equipment.

Our quality laser equipment combined with the experience of our technician means we can provide service to many who thought laser hair removal did not apply to them- including people with darker skin complexions. In just a handful of laser therapy appointments, a person of any skin tone can have pain-free, permanent hair removal!

How Laser Removal Works

  • 1. Our laser specialist will determine the process to use for your skin color and hair thickness.
  • 2. The laser focuses on the hair follicles in the targeted area and inhibits further hair growth.
  • 3. After 4-6 sessions, the process is complete and hair no longer grows from the area.